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Black Cherry Economic Value

Wild black cherry (Prunus serotina) has an exceptionally fine figure and almost satiny light reddish-brown color. Its figure and stable, close grain have been valued by furniture and cabinetmakers for centuries. It is light and strong. This tree's rich red heartwood makes it one of the most valuable trees in the forest.

Large, veneer-grade black cherry trees can be worth many thousand dollars each. Hardwood lumber mills are constantly seeking quality sources of this species. Thus it is becoming increasingly rarer to find stands of huge black cherry trees.

As the wild members of this species decline in the future due to non-sustainable logging practices and ever-increasing demand, black cherry will continue to steadily increase in value.

black cherry tree seedlings
2 foot high seedlings at our nurseries.

A stand of black cherry trees, managed properly (cutting out diseased trees and thinning-out the stand) has long-term advantages over investing in stocks, mutual funds, etc. Black cherry forest land is not taxed any differently than ordinary forested land. Rates of growth can match and surpass many CD and mutual fund rates of return and be an awesome resource that can be tapped by your children or grandchildren. As the trees grow and mature, they will create a forest where perhaps there wasn't one, and their fruits will be utilized by wildlife.

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