Mountain Lion, Cougar, Puma, Panther Sightings in Pennsylvania

     If you have seen a mountain lion (also commonly called cougar, panther, or puma) in Pennsylvania or surrounding states (New York, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio), please give Kerry Gyekis a detailed description of the animal such as length of body, length of tail, approximate weight, size, thickness, coloring, etc. Also try to recall the specific geographic location, habitat conditions, and any other information you remember.

    Please e-mail or call Kerry Gyekis at (570)-353-6682. He is collecting data for a regional cougar habitat and population study. Seeing a mountain lion (in the wild) is an experience that won't be easily forgotten. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about what you have seen. He will try to reply to you as quickly as possible. Thanks for your cooperation.

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head and body: 3½ - 5 feet       tail: 2 - 3 feet